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Ascension Work Duty Policy

Ascension Athletic Association requires all families to volunteer for a 4-hour volunteer shift during the fall through spring sports seasons (school year) May 1st - April 30th. ONE WORK DUTY PER FAMILY is required, regardless of the number of children or the number of sports played. Families have the option when registering to pay a buyout fee of $200 that will cover all kids AND all sports for that sports/school year.


Exemptions to the requirement are:

  • Registered Head and Assistant Coaches*
  • Program Directors and Coordinators
  • Board Members

** NOTE: it is the responsibility of the individual to register as a coach to be listed on the Official Roster, as well as complete the coaching requirements for the work duty to be approved.

If you choose NOT to do the buyout, then an adult representative from your family is expected to serve 4 hours in a volunteer role.

You will be assessed the $200 buyout fee IF:

  • You sign up for a volunteer slot and do not give 48 hours cancellation notice
  • You sign up for a volunteer slot and do not show up
  • You do not serve a 4-hour shift prior to April 30th for each school year.

Please help us ensure you get credit for your shift by....

  1. Registering in SignUp Genius for a shift
  2. Signing in "on-site". There will be a sign in sheet in the binder.

NOTE: A shift cancelled due to weather, forfeiture or other reason beyond our control will not count for work duty credit. These games will be rescheduled and we will still need help! Please choose another shift on the signup link.

If you have any questions, please contact the Work Duty Director or Work Duty Scheduler

Work Duty Signup Link
2024-2025 Work Duty Sign Up Genius

This Sign Up Genius link will be updated frequently with volunteer opportunities. 

Want To Buyout
  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In in the upper left
  3. From your account Dashboard, click Enrollments
  4. Choose the enrollment to which you would like to attach the buyout.  (option is available on all registrations except PreK soccer clinics and coach enrollments)
  5. Add to your cart and complete payment
Work Duty Status
Not sure if you've fulfilled your work duty?

View Ascension Work Duty

A status of "TRUE" means you have met your family requirement for the school year. We are volunteers as well, so it may take a little time for your completed work duty to post. Thanks for your help!